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What People are Saying...

Like Tony's voice, his performance and team were as smooth as silk! The audience had a wonderful time and Tony was very flexible and capable of performing a variety of styles, genres, and moods. More importantly, the process was easy, personal, and fun!

David Liu MD
Department of Radiology
Faculty of Medicine

​Tony Barton, who alternately call me "sweetie" or "hun", just like I assume the chairman of the board himself would have, transformed our backyard into a woodsy Las Vegas for one enchanted evening. Engaged by my husband Brad in honor of my birthday, Tony delivered a dynamic, high-energy, mesmerizing performance covering everything from his blue-eyes repertory to funkier, sexier tunes. One guest came in and jokingly asked "So where's Bublé," assuming it was recorded music. I steered him around the corner and pointed at the stage, smiling at the dropped jaw. This dynamo crooner's stage presence is electrifying, his delivery well worthy of the musicians whose work he pays homage to. Friends are still talking about that night, with one of my favorite comments being, "Wow. I want him in my backyard!!!" And we want him back in ours! We get married again every ten years, and Tony is definitely the entertainment for that special evening. I would encourage anyone to make him the entertainment for your special evening.

Meg Olsen


​​I have seen Tony perform three times and every time have been thoroughly entertained.  He is an excellent singer and performer. He is capable of many other types of music.  He is witty, fun and capable of adlibbing to make the performance entertaining and engaging for any particular audience.  His performances are great to sit and watch, and also to dance to and therefore has a greater appeal.

He performed at my wife’s Rotary President’s Ball, I just saw him on the weekend at a barn raising event in Delta on the weekend and one other occasion over the summer,  All three were outstanding.  Tony can provide many levels of performances to meet the needs and budgets: everything from a one man show with canned music to a full 9 person band that provides a much more robust show.

Mike McEwan

Just got back from enjoying "Some Kind of Wonderful" at the TAC - so much fun and what a show with Tony Barton !!! with his group of talented musical and stage production artists!!!​​

Linda Tamara

“Seriously?  Tony Barton is the whole package.  Tony is not only talented, but has an amazing sense of humour.  I have been fortunate enough to see Tony perform several times.  He is terribly professional, but obviously has a lot of fun when he entertains.  He is versatile during his performances ...  willing to “go with the flow” and work with an audience..   Not only that,  oh my gosh ... brilliant to look at.  Love, love , love Tony!!!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Princess Gail McEwan


McKee Recreation Centre

The Corporation of Delta

How lucky we are in Delta to have a first class Entertainer like Tony.  I was fortunate to have Tony participate at my Rotary Presidents Ball...WOW, he engages the audience,he makes you feel like he is singing just for you.  I also had the opportunity to watch a taping performance that he  was doing, which was a sell out, and again he had the whole house,young and old smiling and and singing along with him.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Leslie Abramson

Tsawwassen Rotary President

Everyone had just an awesome time and you were way beyond our expectations!!

Don Kayne
CEO Canfor Corporation

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